a treehouse life with water

Saturday, June 19, 2004

on the road with asa gray

looking for botanical specimens
in ditches, in gullies in ravines
old gouged-out places wet and green
over illinois prairies thru indiana backwoods
up and down highways from missouri to ohio
you got anything better to do show me
where i can find sullivants milkweed
i been lookin'everywhere
just you wait


funky st.joe brown dirt summer blue racer snake
climb monkey mountain smoke old golds
tonka toy trucks flying
poisonivy got me
time out

Monday, June 07, 2004

buy it

i need to buy something anything
christmas in june the package is on it's way
online shopping that's the ticket
set down
at the 'ol keyboard an' swap some cyber cash for alittle happiness
nothing revs up the seritonin level like hav'n the ups man
drop off a cardboard box of joy @ 10 in the morning.
polish off that last cup of coffee
let's see what we have here?