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Quest for peace and the meaning of life.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Another photo of the old 220F saved from the dumpster.

Coleman 220F , dated 2

Fettled back from destruction. New globe, added a new fuel cap screw, fuel cap gasket, new mantles and a general wiping down. Filled with Coleman fuel and a little bit of Kerosene. Mantles flamed for awhile then settled down to a nice white glow. A good old lantern too good for the scrap heap. Some time in the future I'll most likely strip the paint off the fount and repaint it and the vent in some exotic color. For now I'm enjoying a $2.00 lantern.

dr. bluetoad

Monday, September 09, 2013

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Coleman red plastic lantern case

Nice lantern case, hope I can manage carrying this through the airport.

Smith River, clear blue water

Monterey Cupress

dr. bluetoad standing in front of one of the largest known Monterey Cypress trees during a trip to the Pacific Coast August 2013. "Monty" was planted in 1857 by Harrison G. Blake.

Coleman 220F

Needs a globe and mantles,a three piece fuel cap screw and possibly a new fuel cap gasket but overall not too bad for being rescued from a pile of junk at the Habitat Re-Store in Medford,Oregon for $2.00. The parts on this lantern are worth around $35.00 and of course a 220 is fairly common but they lend themselves nicely to customizing and conversion to Kerosene burning. The fuel cap screw costs $.50,the globe is $10.00, two mantles will cost $1.12. 

Monday, September 02, 2013